Sunday, 3 July 2016

A remarkable afternoon . . .

This morning it was pouring down with rain, overcast and miserable.   So after lunch we decided to take a drive to Tilley sur Seules to a small museum in a 12 century church about the battle for this small town in Normandy about 20 miles from Bayeaux.  The museum records how this small town was taken and retaken 23 times in a short period of time several days after the D Day lading on the 6th June 1944.  The town was almost raised to the ground and both many soldiers and civilians lost their lives.  This tiny town played a strategic part.  This towns people maintain this small museum and it was well worth a visit.



It was very sad to read that several Canadian and 2 English POW's were murdered by the Germans after their capture behind a local Chateau that the Germans had occupied. 


We then visited the local British Commonwealth cemetery.  It was very interesting to read that until the Commonwealth graves were installed that the families from the town of Tilley took it upon themselves to care for 2 graves each.  


Visiting the Commonwealth grave yards are very sobering and never a ceases to make me feel humble very proud and grateful to those young men & women who gave their lives so that I and others could live in freedom. 


Lesley X

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Merry said...

An interesting post Lesley, thanks for sharing the photos.