Wednesday, 13 July 2016

St Jean de Monts

Saint Jean de Mont is a beautiful place with an amazing beach that stretches for miles but also a net work of cycle place that both follow the coast and go inland too.  Joe and I were fortunate enough to take our cycles and cycle from Lec Becs along the coastal track right to the end of the sea front.  



Compared with our usually rides this was quite short about 10 km in all.  But we took our filled baguettes with us and sat on a bench overlooking the sea half way through the ride. It was at the far end of St Jean and there was hardly anyone around. 




On the way back we found a small sea side cafe where we sat and had a cold drink.  One of my favourite things I like doing on my hols is to cycling, you see so much more of an area on a bike than you can see when in a care and cycling is much kinder to my knee joints. 

Lesley x


Merry said...

Sounds like a perfect way to see they scenery and area. That baguette sounds yum to. 😀

Tracey said...

Looks lovely Lesley, hope you are having a good time Tracey x