Friday, 15 July 2016

Wood hall Spa 1940's weekend .. .. .. ..

Well having not been back in the UK for long but having caught up with the family and celebrated Joe's birthday we've travelled to Lincolnshire for a 1940's weekend.    We are staying on a CL  not far from Woodhall with an IPA rally.   We have been coming to Woodhall on and off for over 20 years with the children when they were younger as they used to used the open air pool in Jubilee park. 

Yesterday we went to Conningsby followed by Tattershall as I'd been told there was a craft shop there!  Well you can miss an opportunity of having a look round and I did purchase a few items!!

It's a lovely warm day today, so after a cooked breakfast SW style we've popped into Woodhall  to have a wander about & to buy a gas kettle as we've no electrics and can't find our very expensive gas kettle anywhere.  Woodhall is a hive of activity today with everyone getting ready for Saturday and Sunday's events.  There are even a few people walking round decked out in 1940's clothes. 

In Woodhall there is one may be the old reel to reel cinema (Kinema in the Woods) left in the UK that still is open to all to watch films! Near the Kinema
Is a quaint little tea room, in fact there are several tea rooms around and about. 


We've been several times before but we've popped into the Petwood House Hotel to sit on the terrace to have a coffee.  For those of you who aren't history buffs, the Petwood was used as the officers mess by the  (Dambusters) 613 Squadron during WW II.  There is  a room there with lost of memorabilia in it of the squadron.  Well worth a visit if your in the area!!



Lesley X 

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Tracey said...

Looks lovely, hope you have a great weekend. Tracey x