Thursday, 12 June 2014

Veggies are growing

The vegetables are coming along really well this year.  It must be nearly 20 years since I last grew some , mainly because of time constraints and having someone to water them whilst we are away in the caravan.  But to help in the greenhouse I've discovered a wonderful invention that will water the peppers, tomato ans cucumber plants for a 2 week period which will help no end, and Samantha has offered to water the veg trugs whilst we are away - sp problem solved.  My other reason is I'm starting to prepare for my retirement in 18 months time.

We've already had our first harvest of spinach last weekend and I've harvested some lettuce today!

The peas are progressing well.  Joe has rigged up a bit of a growing frame this morning for me.

Oliver making a river.

Water play with granddads hose pipe!!!

Lesley x


jimlynn said...

Lesley, they're looking wonderful! Really like the frames your husband made for the peas too. You have a beautiful yard and a very cute little grandson!

Jackie said...

Lovely photographs Lesley, and lovely sunshine for your veggies to soak up. Retirement!!!! What is that word. I think they will probably carry me out in a box :o)
Jackie xx