Saturday, 13 December 2014

Where does the time go . . . . .

My feet have hardly touched the ground this week.  Last night saw me at a team Christmas party at Trent Lock golf club listening to a Witney Houston tribute act meal, venue ant entertainment were brilliant.  

Whilst I was out last night Joe entertained Emily as she had a sleep over as we were off to have breakfast with Santa and Elsa at 10am.  Emily had a fantastic morning talking to Elsa, she made her a magic wand out of balloons, they played 'Frozen' statues, drew  and coloured, Emily had her face painted as Hello Kitty.  

We then headed off to Twycross Zoo.  It was pretty cold there frozen puddles and plenty of frost.  We went to see the Penguins, followed by the Elephants, then it was into the Elephant house as they were all inside.  I'm not surprized as despite the sun it was freezing.  We dropped into the Amazon house into the new Lorikeets aviary and last to the Butterfly house.  After our glasses cleared as it was tropical in there we saw loads of amazing butterflies, we had difficulty taking pictures as the lenses steamed up too!!  Emily was lucky enough to see 6 Banana trees with bananas growing on them, something you don't see very often in the UK

Lesley x

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Jackie said...

Morning Lesley, lovely photographs.I've been to Twycross in the Winter and boy, does the wind blow cold across those open spaces :o)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you and your family...hugs
Jackie xx